About us

We are design company, which was established in 2016.

Our mission is to provide high-quality design services for all parts of building projects from one company. We offer building projects documentations in preliminary (conseptual), detailed (main) and work projects stages. We also deal with blueprint projects and product drawings.

Projekt32 Ltd possess a considerable network of partners. Therefore, we are able to provide project management and engineering design with engineering consultancy in all major areas of building project design. We are engaged regular designing of architecture, construction, water supply and sewerage, heating, ventilation and cooling systems building projects. Projektid32 Ltd. perform energy calculations, through which we are able to clarify heating and cooling loads. It’s also possible to order an electrical and automation engineering building projects or wide range of engineering calculations.

All projects and project components are examined by competent persons with the relevant certificates.

Our activities are integrated with the following principles:

  • A satisfied customer is our primary task, and the best advertising.
  • Through continuous customer advice and a number of alternative solutions, we guarantee high quality of the final result.
  • Company value is directly related with high competent professionals in enterprise. Motivation of these persons is the key factor to provide stable and quality work. In few years key persons are made company shareholders and fee is related with sales results.
  • Competitive pricing is calculated by the actual number of hours worked.

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Yours sincerely!

Projektid32 Ltd. team